Eutopia is proud to be a responsible and caring part of the global community. Year on year, we continue to take great delight in supporting a number of charitable organisations that perform essential medical research and community projects around the world. 



Our association with JENGA and its community initiatives in the poorest parts of Mbale, Uganda, continues for its 16th year. Whilst this is a Christian charity, JENGA does not differentiate, offering its support to people of any faith requiring practical support and assistance. Jenga’s inspirational Executive Director, Robby Keen, together with his team perform amazing work every day – bringing education and practical advice and assistance to the most needy in this part of Africa. For more details on JENGA, please visit their web site at www.jengauganda.org and download their latest newsletter below. If you are feeling particularly generous, kindly click here to visit JENGA’s online giving centre where your financial support will have an immediate and positive impact on somebody’s life –  www.jengauganda.org/give/.


Our support for Cancer Research UK continues for its 8th year – sponsoring individuals in various events – as well as this year’s Stand Up To Cancer event in collaboration with Channel 4. As with previous years, we aim to publicise various CR UK events, with the aim of encouraging and garnering support from others in the Eutopia community. To support Stand Up To Cancer, kindly click the following link:  www.standuptocancer.org.uk.

In the meantime, thank you in advance for your spirit of community – after all, that’s what life’s really about.