Head of Labs, Europe

Wednesday, June 28, 2017
POSITION: Head of Labs, Europe
LOCATION : Paris, France
SKILLS REQUIRED : Previous experience heading up Technology Labs, demonstrating ‘Proof of Concepts’ projects, leading to major strategic, business and technology transformation programmes. Also needed to possess a senior Data Science background (as much of the work was BI and data related). Allied to this, the successful candidate needed significant soft skills, dealing and advising at C Level in a Management Consulting role.
CLIENT : Global Technology Consulting organisation
CHALLENGE: In an attempt to catch up and overtake its competitors, our client created this flagship role – in what was an extremely tight market for likely candidates
RESULT: Using Eutopia’s Accelerated Search™ methodology, we compiled a shortlist of 8 target companies and all related individuals, prior to commencing candidate approaches. Most were immobile, and could not consider Paris as a location – however, one candidate (ex-Accenture) was willing to relocate and was quickly interviewed and offered. The client was delighted with the result – and successfully built its Technology Labs ahead of schedule.