Numerous Datacentre & Cloud experts

Wednesday, June 28, 2017
POSITION: Numerous Datacentre & Cloud experts
LOCATION : Abu Dhabi
SKILLS REQUIRED : Engaged to supply an entire team of experts to build a state of the art private cloud solution. This involved hiring best-in-class candidates from across the planet – USA, UK, Australia and The Netherlands as well candidates from the local UAE market
CLIENT : Sovereign Wealth Firm
CHALLENGE: There were so many we’d need to dedicate an entire site to this one project! (Case Study available on request)
RESULT: A state of the art Datacentre and Private Cloud service was built and delivered. 50% of the project team were retained by the client for a lengthily period of time after go-live. This service is now the backbone of our clients business – and a case study in talent attraction in the region.