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Welcome to our specialist EdTech & Learning Technologies recruitment team which is dedicated to connecting exceptional talent and ambitious organisations to help propel forward the future of education and learning. From attending industry conferences and meeting industry experts, to reading articles and listening to podcasts, we ensure we have a keen understanding of the unique challenges and constantly evolving trends shaping these industries in order to be able to unlock hiring and job opportunities while also building strategic, long-lasting partnerships with individuals and companies.

Areas of specialisation

Design & Engineering

Platform, Software and Design specialists who leverage technology to ensure intuitive and robust solutions. 

Product Specialists

Product professionals will act as a catalyst to transform your products educational and learning product experience.


AI specialists who can revolutionise your products by personalising experiences and fostering engagement.

Customer Success

Maximise your customer investment whilst they achieve their educational and learning objectives.


Our access to proven sales talent can drive your businesses revenue streams, and build long term strategic partnerships with your clients.


Build your VR, AR and XR capabilities with specialists who provide immersive, interactive and engaging learning experiences.

Looking for a career move?

We match you with roles and organisations that align with your skills, expertise and ambitions as well as the passion you have for transforming the way the world teaches and learns.

Looking to hire?

We work closely with you to understand your organisation’s mission and hiring needs in order to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique requirements. This extends beyond access to top talent and making placements; we’re dedicated to fostering long-term partnerships by building inclusive and diverse, local and global teams, alleviating pain points, ensuring high retention rates and facilitating seamless onboarding processes.

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