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Talent mapping

Our methodology offers precise data on skills available in a defined geography, as well as organisations harbouring the talent you’re searching for. This information is invaluable before you go-2-market, allowing you to assess the availability of your desired resource.

Recruitment Process Consultancy

Our clients benefit from workshops to both improve time to hire and ensure that the “candidate experience” ensures your external brand is being enhanced. We conduct assessments, analyse data, and offer recommendations that you can implement in your future recruitment campaigns.


We craft campaigns on behalf of our clients to truly elevate both the role and your organisation in the marketplace. By highlighting your employees, projects, training, and your company culture we focus on areas beyond a job specification to truly bring the role to life and increase candidate engagement.

Salary services

Our research team provides market data on comparable roles and organisations so allowing you to benchmark your role accurately and ensuring market competitiveness. This is especially valuable if you have adopted a new technology product or if the role has remained vacant for an extended period.

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University of Northampton.
University of Northampton.


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